Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bowling & Beer 1/13/16

Hey! What's up? Mark cooked us bacon & eggs ... center-cut bacon & jumbo eggs. Woo-hoo. Yes, Robbie had half an egg with his Wellness kibble ... washed down with ice-water. Oh yeah! Life is good. 

So it's Powerball mania with the drawing tonight for $1.5 BILLION. Well, I know the first $100,000 goes to Rosemary Farm to help them expand. Otherwise, I have no plan to change myself ... maybe add land to several wildlife preserves ... and perhaps I'd buy more Glenmorangie Scotch instead of Johnny Walker Red. Gee, I must be content. Well, I would like to learn to fly ...

All right, so back to reality.  I saved $2.50 at the bowling alley tonight. We had accumulated on our bowling rewards card. Mark immediately went to the bar to get a bucket of beer to celebrate. Ha ha. Our savings were short-lived. Randy and Dawn are running a few minutes late. Lucky that we were right on time as we got the last available Lane. Well, Wednesday is $ night. Because Mark never contributed to the gutter ball fund for throwing a gutter ball, we decided last time if he didn't attain three strikes in each game, he would have to throw a dollar in the tin. Oh he fought us, but we prevailed. LOL

Mark ... crying in his beer at Tiki West in Tavares. LOL  

Randy and Dawn picked up two more Powerball tickets with our $4 gutter ball fund. You see, it is Powerball mania. 

Tiki West was celebrating their anniversary. A pound of peel and eat shrimp, served hot or cold, was seven dollars tonight. What a bargain. Dinner and drinks was $18 with the tip.  

Now at home, we're relaxing and watching American Idol, in its final year. That's it for this evening. Ta ta. 

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