Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mrs R B ... 4/27/16

Good morning. It's a beautiful front door open kind of day. First on the agenda is to drop Mrs R. B. at Paul's Marine in Tavares. Rain is expected later today, so better to get it there early. Right?
Although there was damage in the Midwest from tornadoes, it wasn't the widespread devastation expected. Thank heaven for the mercies. Bonnie had 50 to 90 mile per hour straight-line winds but nothing personally damaged. She said it was a very creepy night with the tornado sirens going off almost constantly! (Been there, heard that, and agree. It's very eerie!) Friday, Oklahoma is expected to be hit with more severe storms.

The owner, Paul, met us when we dropped off our boat at his shop. He seems very knowledgeable. Our poor boat will be exposed to the weather for the next two or three weeks while repairs are done. Paul assured us it would be completely detailed after work was completed. 

Next, Mark and I stopped in at Simplex to sign the work order. Tom had already sent his men over to begin the work. Great service! Of course roof pans must be ordered, so that will take a few days. All in all, I expect we will be busy with this repair project for about a month. (When we arrived home Belize was raising hell, barking at the back door. Not Robbie though he was calm ... just lettin' his girl do the tough work!) 

Since the RV was out on the driveway, we worked on our projects. I had purchased new bedding, and made new curtains for the RV bedroom.
The new picture hanging above the bed box lights up. (Ambience, as Randy says.) Yep! Mood lights. Actually, it's pretty difficult to find horizontal, small artwork. Anyway, it was the right size, and color. I was able to find coordinating bathmats, so have a complete ensemble. Lovely. LOL. 
Three mats are stacked, so it looks a little weird right now. Ha. 

Mark began working on the kitchen drawer. One of the slides had broken. He bought a replacement slide at Home Depot. But, when he attempted to install it, there was another piece that he should have purchased. Clearly, they should be sold in a package! So, I'm taking a break with an ice pack on my ankle while he went to Home Depot for the necessary part. 

The RV fiddling continues. I hung new mercury glass lights along the kitchen slide cornice. 
They have a lovely soft glow. 

Rick phoned while I was drilling pilot holes for hooks for the light strings. He's missing our warm weather ... and still hoping to buy the "project house!" I needed an (easy) appetizer recipe and he gave me one that Ruth made last week. Sounds delicious! hopefully we can hook up while he's at the lake in July. 

Meanwhile, Bonnie, Roger and their 4 "pups" might be coming for a visit about the end of May or early June. We're hoping the boat will be back by then so we can do a little pontooning! Fun!

Tonight's dinner was BBQ'd pork loin and broccoli potatoes. (I had 2 helpings!) Yes, it was good. While I cleaned up the dishes, Mark went back to the RV to wrestle with the drawer tracks. I guess tomorrow we will attempt the new wallpaper border! Here's hoping it sticks! (Years ago I installed wallpaper only to find it curled up on the floor in the morning.) I hadn't sized the wall. I plan to do a test piece and check it later.

It's now 6:45 and I'm sitting on the front porch with the Scotties enjoying a diet Sunkist orange over ice. Although it's still 80°, it's lovely. Well that's it for today. Tata. I hope you had a very good Wednesday.

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