Saturday, April 16, 2016

RanDawn's ... 4/16/16

Good morning! It's an open door kind of day. We're going to RanDawn's today for a fun family event. (I'm taking my game "left right center" to play!) PLUS quarters! Haha. 

Mark decided on a ride to Walmart for a few things, but mainly to check our front door camera card. 
He found this muddy footprint on our driveway in front of our vehicles this morning! Now Mark wears a 10 1/2, so we think this must be about a size 12! Do we now have Bigfoot in our neighborhood? LOL. (No pic on the card ... Bigfoot didn't come to our doorway!)

Next week, the show Alone starts again on the History Channel. We both enjoyed it last year. It took place on Vancouver Island with 10 contestants. I'm just mentioning it ... interesting show. 

RanDawn's was a busy house today! 
Randy has a way with the girls ... as usual. LOL

Brandon 6 months and Brandon. 

Belize wasn't happy ... the older kids were okay; the baby frightened her. Robbie took it all in stride. No problem, man. 
Robbie kept a watch on the chicken kebabs. (They were too spicy for the Scotties.) 

Dawn had made so many delicious snacks ... Deviled eggs, bean dip 'n chips, and veggies ... we were still full at dinner hours later.

We all played the dice game for several rounds and Makenna was the big winner ... followed by Brittany! It was the perfect game ... and the kids participated! 
Makenna, Dawn with Brandon & Charlotte ... Nana's a magnet with the little ones. 

As usual, Randy provided lots of laughs! 
There he goes "I'm outta here!" when hauling out the kitchen trash. LOL

Randy cooked chicken kebobs on the Barbie, Dawn made Cheesy Potato Casserole, Coleslaw and corn on the cob. (Great granddaughter Charlotte wanted to be just like Jan ... two plates, in the same order with corn on the left one!) LOL 

It was a fun afternoon! Jan bought us all two scratch off lotto tickets each! Makenna, baby Brandon & Brandon won a few dollars. 

We were home about 8 o'clock, worn out from the day. Randy and Dawn were still expecting Alan, (Brittany's) and Mary, (Brandon's) to arrive for dinner after they finished working.

After a soak in the hot tub and some Arnica on my sore ankle, it was time to relax in front of TV! Ta ta!

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