Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Repair Duo 2 ... 4/5/16

Good morning world, it's a brand-new day. Mark and Randy are working at Dawn's house again today. 
I'm still recovering from my fall on Saturday. Bruises continue to show up in the strangest of places. LOL. When Randy arrived to pick up Mark, I was just going out the door to walk Robbie and Belize was in the front porch, waiting for her walk. When she saw Randy petting Robbie, she started yipping. Haha. As Robbie and I walked past the front of the house, we saw Randy scoop Belize in his arms and carry her in the house. (She loves her uncle Randy!) When Robbie and I came in, he chased BeeZee away, wagged his tail and snapped at Randy. Message received. LOL. And you thought dogs couldn't talk. Haha. 

Today, I thought I would sort some beads into bins I bought a week ago. Well, sometimes you're just not in the mood. It's just too darn nice outside. The dogs and I sat on the back patio, 77° in the spring sunshine and listened to the bird songs. 
Belize aka BeeZee on lizard patrol. 

Afterward, I called Sue and caught up on their news. We are hoping to meet up somewhere in between us for an RV weekend soon. Meanwhile, Wayne is hard at work with the boss, Shorty, laying under his chair. Haha. 
Yep. Shorty is THE boss!

The last couple of days while I've been sitting about healing, I listed 96 items on eBay. Today, I sold a necklace. Yay. (I was disenchanted with eBay after a bad buyer deal in February and took a break from selling.) I'm back in the game!

It's now 5 o'clock, and no sign of Mark and Randy. They must be getting a lot of work done today!
So it's a party of one. LOL

Mark and Randy arrived 10 minutes later and joined happy hour. Then Lew came over and joined us. Eventually, Lynn arrived home from work and came for happy hour. It was a Partay! Ha. 
Lew put his Marines lid on Randy. Quite the honor. LOL

By 6:30 everyone headed home ... Mark went to shower and I "cooked!" ... Fries on the Pizzazz!
They were good! So now it's doggie and TV time. It was a good day.

Tomorrow, Mark has a throat scoping checkup. (Fingers crossed!). Ta ta til tomorrow. 

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  1. Does Randy need a solicitor for any dog bites?