Friday, April 29, 2016

Backing In ... 4/29/16

Good morning! What's with this foggy start to our day? We enjoyed the front door open until 930 ... then it was time to back the RV into it's port. Ha ha. Easier said than done! Mark had lined up the RV absolutely perfectly when he backed into the driveway earlier in the week. Somehow, we got a little bit crooked and clipped the edge of the RV awning with the edge of the roof about 30 feet into the port. Crap. 

One job leads to another. Hopefully, it's not going to be too big a deal to fix. But for now, it's in the port and put away, mostly ready for the next RV trip ... hopefully in June sometime. 

Speaking of June, Bonnie and Roger are coming to visit the first part of the month. Yay! They have a family reunion in North Carolina on June 5th. It's going to be so much fun to see them. Mrs. R. B. will be back in the boathouse by then!

We are not impressed with St. John's Insurance thus far! Our household claim is now 12 days old, and we don't have approval for the fire repair as yet. When it happened, they said 7 to 10 days. It seems the adjuster, Stephanie, hasn't gotten the quote into them yet. 

Mark hung the (new) mermaid at the Sunroom bar today ... right at happy hour! LOL
Yes honey, I'm done with the sunroom redecorating. LOL. Ha ha. We sat at the bar and admired our decorating work.

Robbie had been digging in the sand under the patio bar so Mark cut a plywood base for it. Voila. The little digger will be much cleaner now. Haha. 

Well that was our day. How was yours?

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