Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday ... 4/25/16

Good day, eh? It's phone call mania for moi. Fairbanks Construction built our Temo Sunroom about 10 years ago. It came with a lifetime warranty and it's ready for tune-up repairs. 

Since we haven't had an insurance claim before, we were unsure as to the schedule of work. Does the insurance company send us a check? Do they pay the repair companies directly? Tom from Simplex will be here tomorrow with a contract to repair the boathouse structure. New bracing will be done tomorrow and 13 roof pans ordered. Once Simplex is finished (a week?), a restoration company will repair the concrete and boathouse fence and landscaping. 

While I finished with the sunroom decor,  Mark readied the boat trailer for hauling tomorrow. We decided on Paul's Boat and RV Repair in Mount Dora; highly recommended by Progressive Insurance. Apparently, the boat will be there 2 to 3 weeks. Everything will be done in that one location ... convenient.

Our new Tiki umbrella arrived today! It's nice! 
As you see, Mark had two helpers. Haha. 

Sue and Wayne had some excitement in their Pompano Beach neighborhood today. A small Beechcraft airplane with three on board crashed into several homes in the Harbor Village area! 
All three are in critical condition with severe burns. I'm sure that shook up the entire neighborhood. The small plane had taken off from Pompano Beach airport just moments before!

My thought was interrupted by Mark jogging through the house with the dogs. LOL. It's a fun game they play several times a week. 

Randy will be over early tomorrow to help Mark move the boat trailer from the backyard. We have to move the RV out, and then push the boat trailer through the RV port. Fun huh? 

That's it for today. I hope your Monday was good! Ta Ta. 

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