Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cruising ... 4/10/16

Good morning! It's a perfect day for lake boating ... after our chores are done!

Well, I did list 44 Ebay items while Mark puttered in the yard. At 2 o'clock we took Mrs R B on a pic-a-nik cruise to nowhere (a 3 hour cruise!) 
Adorbs! Robs & Beez enjoyed happy hour. We bobbed along Lake Eustis and down canals in Grand Island. It was nice. 

Siblings from another daddy! Haha. 

Egad. We had fun! 
Robbie is such a happy boy now with his Belize pal. (Us too!) We stopped by Kurt & MaryAnn's brand new dock for a visit before pulling in at home a few lots down. 

After dinner we watched a 2 star movie ... which was pretty crummy. Haha. It was one that you think will get better. It didn't. 

As you see, we had a lazy kind of Sunday   . Tomorrow, Mark is working with Randy at Dawn's house again. That's it for now. Ta ta. 

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