Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Movin' Toys ... 4/26/16

Good morning y'all. It's a lovely day in the Central Florida area. Our thoughts are with our friends in Oklahoma and family in the Midwest as powerful storms develop. 18 million folks are in the pathway ... and nature. 

Randy arrived at 9 o'clock to help Mark shimmy the boat trailer through the RV Port. Of course nothing goes exactly to plan, but they got it done! By 1 o'clock, the boat was on the trailer and Randy assisted Mark in wrapping up the canvas for the ride back home. The plan is to pressure clean the pontoons before she goes in for insurance repairs and service.

Randy and Dawn are making their elopement plans for November. Since it's not a secret NATO crypto elopement, I can mention it. They thought they had better get jiggy with it as Bob and Jill have already booked their flight into Charleston, South Carolina for the event. LOL. Folly Island beach will be the site of the nuptials. Of course, Mark and I wouldn't miss it for the world. I called a couple of campgrounds in the area and found one about 15-20 minutes away. That'll be perfect for us.

This afternoon, a package is arriving with decor for my sunroom refresh project. It'll be nice to get that finished, and then tomorrow, start on my RV refresh project. Hey, if you're not redoing things, you're not living! LOL. Mark and I have a new lodge-style wall border to paste in the kitchen and eating area; string lights on the kitchen slide wall, a new picture to hang plus a new clock. YEEHAW. 

I love the ombré glass vases! Too bad the mermaid's tail is broken. I'll phone Hobby Lobby.com tomorrow. 
Otherwise, I'm delighted with what I bought for the Sunroom. 

We're sitting with the doggies tonight, watching Telly. Meteorologists are tracking volatile storms in tornado alley. Prayers for those in the region Ta Ta TIL tomorrow. 

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