Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday 4/11/16

It's a nice start to our day here in Central Florida. Mark started his day with a trip to the doctor for bloodwork results, and then to meet Randy and Dawn at her Fruitland Park house to finish some drywall work.

Me? My hand is still too sore to do any painting. So, I am doing laundry and household chores. My other job is to paint an RV ID sign and to list a few more things on eBay. 

It's time to begin plotting our trip north. (While I was writing this, Steve Harvey was on the air with two beautiful women. who are vintners. Awesome! What disturbs me is why THEY Single themselves out as "black women" vintners. Why?) 

We had a bit of a laugh last night with Bonnie. Mark was wondering if he should ever clip Belize's (heavy) coat. When I sent her a text, she indicated she does both stripping and clipping. We knew to use the clipper around her neck but didn't think to scissor-cut her coat to lessen bulk. Mark thought it would be hilarious to tell Bonnie he'd use a "FlowBee!" LOL
Mark was joking, but when I looked it up to send a pic to Bonnie, I found a dog FlowBee! Who knew? I watched a couple of video demonstrations online and saw it works well for Shi Tzus, Lhasa Apsos  and Poodles.

Well I got the calendar and road atlas out of the truck ... an RV trip is in planning stages. 


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