Friday, April 22, 2016

Adjuster ... 4/22/16

Hello from 99% paradise! I'm withholding 1% for some (unknown) reason. LOL

Our boat insurance adjuster arrived right on time ... $4,400 for carpet and canvas ... waiting on the upholstery estimate. Ka-Ching! We'll make arrangements to haul "Mrs R B" next week and get on with making things right. 

Afterward, Mark and I shopped ... I needed a few things for the Sunroom like new rope lights and potpourri ... it's spring cleaning and fluffing decor. Surprisingly, except for a couple of lizard poops, all was very clean!

Mark puttered on a few jobs and prepped my (old?) computer desk for paint. It's part of the Sunroom refresh ... 
Everything old is new again. My family room in Boca Raton was seafoam in the 90's. Haha. 

Randy and Dawn rode the Harley to Leesburg's bikefest (20th anniversary) this afternoon. Tomorrow, they're helping out at The Hideaway ... Randy's flipping burgers ... and Dawn's helping Patty. A friend and his nephew from Tarpon Springs are staying at their house this weekend. 

Mark and I plan on bowling tomorrow, barring any new aches and pains. (Gettin' old ain't for sissies!)

It's Telly time ... Mz BeeZee is on Dad's shoulder (like a 19.2 lb birdy!)
Ta Ta. Aroooo!

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