Friday, April 15, 2016

Mexican ... 4/15/16

Good morning. How can it be the middle of April, already? Belize and I were up during the night and watched Join or Die (Craig Ferguson) and Vikings, quite glory. I went back to bed at six and slept until nearly 9. It's not sunny today, that's my excuse. 

Mark decided to finish cleaning the boat house gutters as we had no plans today until 6 o'clock. Then we're meeting Randy, Dawn and Dawn's mom, Jan, at Guadalajara for dinner. It has become somewhat of a favorite.
Dawn and Jan ... Notice the matching sweaters. They both liked the same thing at Beall's! Jan said they had a wonderful day of shopping.

I've been shopping for a new thatched umbrella for our back (outdoor) patio bar. Our original green market umbrella has been terrific, but now faded to grey! (We bought it May 2002!! Although it's still serviceable with NO rips, it doesn't look very nice. At least three years ago Randy bought thatch umbrellas that have stood up to our Florida sunshine amazingly well. I'd like to buy one ... but he can't remember the manufacturer name. I found several online ... but haven't ordered yet. Maybe I should just paint our old umbrella with a thinned-out latex paint. What do you think?

Too bad it wasn't sunny when I took this pic of our big blooming Bougainvillea. 
Gorgeous, isn't it? Clouds stuck around all day. Both north and south areas had thunderstorms. But as usual, Lake Eustis protected us; we got nothing. It's a strange weather pattern around here!

Dinner at Guadalajara was very good. That restaurant is becoming very busy. The food is consistently good, and the service excellent. Randy had shrimp and scallop fajitas that looked excellent. I may try that next time! Both Mark and I had Burrito supreme's, his chicken, mine beef. Dawn and Jan had combination plates. Everyone enjoyed their meals. 

Back home, the temperature had dropped to 72° so we sat on the front porch with the doggies and enjoyed the evening breeze.

Flasher Alert!!! Lew fit into his Marines coat from 50 years ago! Happy 69th buddy. Now why the heck was an old coat hanging around your closet for 50 years? Also, we love the socks with it. LOL

So that's it for our day! Sue and Wayne went dancing at the Elks. Randy and Dawn are prepping for tomorrow's family dinner party.

Ta Ta. 

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