Monday, April 18, 2016

Stressed? 4/18/16

It was a night of whacky dreams that wouldn't quit. Finally I got up for water and to watch 60 Minutes. Lucky for me, BeeZee woke and came to sleep on my recliner. 

At 9 o'clock, Randy came to pick up Mark painting at Dawn's house. Randy thought our boat house damage looked pretty bad and we need to replace the roof pans. So, they left for work while I was left to pull our insurance policy and start the phone calls.

Tomorrow, a mitigation company is coming at 1 o'clock, plus Tom from Simplex. (His company constructed our boat house, about three years ago, our RV port and our front porch.) Tom is our aluminum structure specialist.
When I looked today, I discovered more damage than I saw yesterday. It's obviously not a job for Mark and Lew. Randy is right!

Our smoker got toasted!
As the controls are at the bottom, it's finished.

As we said yesterday, it's a good thing we were home. Can you see the firewood stacked along side the boathouse wall?
Our poor Angel's Trumpet was badly damaged ... but we hope with a good trimming, it will come back.

The firemen put up a board that Mark had on hand to help support the roof.
The structure was hot enough that leaves on top of the boat house were on fire! 

Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock, the insurance adjuster is coming over. So, we will have to put up with the bad smell that is permeating our backyard. Yuck. 

We opened a claim on our boat insurance. The boat carpet has several burns in it, and it is smoke damaged. We'll see what that entails. 

At 5:30, we met Randy, Dawn and Jan at Stavros for dinner. It was our treat after they fed us over the weekend. Our plan was to play Mexican Dominoes, but it got to be a little too late. You see, Jan's flight leaves at 7 AM tomorrow. 

Well that's it for today. It was a telephone day ... Hope tomorrow is smoother. Ta Ta. 

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