Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bowling? ... 4/23/16

We had a quenching rain overnight ... now the front door is open to the freshest air possible. 100% paradise (not 99% like yesterday!) Ha. No appointments today; nothing scheduled. It's a perfect Saturday waiting to unfold. (Of course Mz BeeZee's on my lap.)

I see from K's morning's text that Shorty Hot Pants enjoyed breakfast out ... and a ride in his Kandy Ko Ko. Lucky boy!
Two eggs, extra bacon and a rawhide please. LOL

By 1 o'clock, Mark and I had bowled a game, bought paint for my Sunroom project, and shopped for knickknacks. It's the 20th annual Leesburg bike fest weekend and there are motorcycles everywhere! With this perfect weather, they are assured a great turnout. We noticed a lot of boats on Lake Eustis! 

At the bowling alley, we ordered a nacho supreme platter. (Next time, I will ask for the chips separately.) It was delicious, but difficult to eat. When I threw my bowling ball right handed, I felt a searing pain go through my hand and wrist. Rather than not bowl, I decided to use my left hand. Of course that meant a mirror image of everything I usually do. Generally, that's not much of a problem for me. But I did have a crazy hook with my left hand. It will definitely need some practice if I'm to be a left-handed bowler. LOL. Mark had a very good game, in the 170s. Not too shabby for three weeks off from bowling! 

And so the project begins! Hey! That's not a nice face Marky!

After the first coat on the desk, we decided to take Mrs. R B to Crazy Gators for an early supper. Downtown Eustis has music on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend at Ferran Park for bike week. It seemed like a good time to enjoy the park and see the sights! However, the boat didn't start. At first, Mark thought it was a sterndrive issue as it wouldn't tilt. After playing with that for a few minutes, he discovered the battery was dead. Hmmm, did we leave something turned on last time we used the boat? Of course he'd still like to go by boat, but I think it should charge up fully before we head out on the lake. 

First coat ... I love it!!!

Yes, well I lost that round. Ha. Here we are cruising about Lake Eustis with the doggies. 
Captain Bee ... Dad's snoozing. LOL. It's just great that the Scotties enjoy boating too. 

Robs and I had fun too! It was a great ride. 

We came home to our fav appliance ... Pizzazz! I put fries on ... then Mark put shrimp on. Delicious with a bottle of wine!  Later we played rummy. It was a good day. 

Sue and Wayne went dancing at the Elks ... I called them "Elkaholics" and Sue agreed. Heehee. Hey, it's great they have a place to enjoy that's close to home. We passed our local Elks today ... 3 RV's parked overlooking Lake Saunders ... and a full parking lot! Nice to see them doing well. 

Mark had a text from Randy. He and Dawn were heading to Leesburg on the bike to see Bret Michaels. Cool. 

We had a message from Jim ... happy to hear his treatment is going very well ... and he's enjoying that gorgeous lodge he built. 

That's our news for today. Ta Ta til the morrow. 

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