Monday, April 4, 2016

Repair Duo ... 4/4/16

Good morning. It's a bright beautiful open door kind of day! Other than an aching hand and aching ankle, on opposite sides, I feel great. Perhaps I'm fibbing a little. Sue phoned to check on me after reading the Blog. I am getting better, but I think I need to go for an x-ray on my hand, perhaps tomorrow, if it is still swollen.

Randy arrived about 10 o'clock to have a coffee with us before he and Mark headed to Dawn's house in Fruitland  Park. They are beginning work replacing the water damaged shower stall. 

Meanwhile, I managed a couple of loads of laundry but couldn't put the clean sheets on the bed. Somethings just require two hands and there's no way around it. 

Facebook has had some very funny things on it ... and just when I needed a giggle!

Really. I never did understand the backwards hat fad. 

While I was watching Ancient Aliens, I played solitaire. I couldn't believe it when I won two games in a row, lost one and then won the fourth. Wowser! LOL
Card shuffling was good for my sore hand. First few games I could barely shuffle and deal ... therapy solitaire! Yay. 

Mark and Randy arrived home about 4 o'clock and grabbed a beer to wash down the dust. LOL. Day 1 on their project, done. The trash man earned his keep today! 

So that's it for now. More tomorrow. 

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