Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Game Day ... 4/12/16

Oh it's a lovely "cool" morning for us but climbing to 88° this afternoon. After breakfast, Mark went to Dawn's house to begin painting the exterior. Apparently, there is much to do to get it ready for sale. Randy, and his friend Tim, are choosing the grout color for the shower stall this morning. I wish I could paint too but my hand is still sore from my fall 10 days ago. Whatever! It (and my ankle) will  heal in their own time. 
Randy painting soffits. 
Coral is the new color ... half the house is painted now. 

For me, this afternoon was game day at Carol's in Scottish Highlands. She outdid herself with plenty of food ... Deviled eggs, seafood salad, cheese 'n crackers We played Farkle, Sequence, and Balderdash. It was a noisy, fun time. 

Back home, the dogs were happy to have us both in again. 
Belize, aka Billie Goat is climbing her daddy. 
Haha. The grass must be greener on the other side of Mark's recliner. 

Robbie prefers Mark's lap! 
He's very "laid back!" LOL

We enjoyed a pizza and wine for our dinner. Of course the pizza was cooked on the Pizzazz! We love it ... no hot oven to cool down.

That's it for today!

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