Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday ... 4/8/16

Well I was up and down like a yo-yo during the night with allergy attacks. Finally, I took Flonayse and slept sitting up. (I feel fine now!) Mark went with Randy for another day's work on Dawn's house. So it's me and my Scotties to enjoy this sunny morning. 

Chores done by 11:30 I sat to watch TV and discovered all our recorded shows have disappeared. What happened? Never mind that, I have an eBay sale! Wow, maybe eBay buyers are waking up again. So, I packaged the item and went to the post office at 1 o'clock. Cheri is still off with a broken ankle and Michelle (a.k.a. Slowpoke) was working. To be fair, it was busy, but Cheri would have had us all out of there in five minutes flat. 24 minutes later I was still waiting for Slowpoke. Some people just are not built to be fast or efficient. LOL

Mark and Randy pulled in about 4:30 looking for a cold beer. After awhile, Lynn and Lew arrived on their bikes for Happy Hour!  They were well announced by two barking dogs. Scotties hate anything with wheels! LOL. All was well when they left later, because the dogs knew who was on the bikes.
think we need to expand our front porch! It sure is popular at 5 o'clock. LOL. We were happy to hear that Lew's testing went well. He was in the hospital two nights for heart issues. 

Mark took A few pictures of the tiling job at Dawn's. 
Randy, with their friend Tim, in the window, working on the tile. 
Randy was the tile cutter! 
And here's the finished product! Nice job fellas. 

Tomorrow, it's a boating cruise to Hurricane's for lunch. That was our day!

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