Thursday, April 14, 2016

Belize's 3rd Birthday ... 4/14/16

Happy Birthday to our sweet BeeZee! Today's fun includes riding in her new Snoozer car seat ... and lunch ... car ride errands ... buying cookies ... Happy Hour by the water and special supper! Arooo. 

First treat of the day ... a peanut butter jar! Yummy. 

Robbie, to the right, had peanut butter in the Kong! (But clearly he's taking in all the fine details of cleaning out the actual jar!) Good job BeeZee!

Next "treat?" ... grooming (haircuts!) and baths!
Robbie 5 ... Belize 3 ... Just chillin' on the back patio bench and sporting fresh haircuts! Thanks Dad!

Birthday bath time! Rub-a-dub-dub ... grub's in the tub, er, kitchen sink!

And a car-ride for treats ...
Yummy! We come in from our lizard hunt for these treats!

Rockin' her Snoozer car seat and watchin' for cats 'n rats 'n elephants!

Ridin' double ... Robbie's seat is better! (Nope, same brand!)

Happy Hour on the canal patio ...
Cheddar 'n Ritz ... It's a dog's life!

Gettin' brave ... maybe too brave!
Mom tossed a rock in and spooked me! I'm never going near the edge again!!! (Now I know why Rob sits up high.) Aroooo!

After our supper of chicken, rice, broccoli and peas, we sat outside with our mom and dad, and more wine. Aroooo. LOL

I think it was a pretty good doggie birthday! Uncle Randy went to pick up aunt Dawn's mom, Jan, for a week's visit. (Aunt Dawn was at work ... but daddy was thinking about him and wrote uncle Randy ... "Had the eagle landed?"  LOL

It was a good day. Mom and I sat on the front porch after dinner and listened to thunder in the distance. Now, I have my head on her knee; snuggled up watching TV. Life is comfortable ... 


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