Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Paint paint paint 4/13/16

Good morning. It was a front door open kind of day although rain is forecast about happy hour! Randy made a run to the dump today and then came to pick up Mark about 930. Last night, Mark had read about "night eating syndrome" ... yes, it's a real thing and Randy has it!!! (Last night, Randy was up four times eating in the night!) The syndrome can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, stress and heart disease! Mark told Randy an intervention was needed. LOL. Randy swore he would stop eating at night. He said "it stops right now!" Put the padlock on the fridge door Dawn! LOL

A package arrived from Collections Etc.  with a picture I bought to hang in the RV. The dogs had fun with the box! 
Robbie was first in the box!

Then Belize! What is it about a cardboard box that is so fascinating to cats, dogs and kids? LOL

Bonnie and I had a good chat this afternoon. Unfortunately, she was down with a terrible flu this past week. Today was the first day out of bed for several. Other than that, she is enjoying the retired life. Too bad that Roger still works!  This weekend they have a dog show where Cabbie is entered. If he wins, it might be the last time he has to be shown. Yay Cabbie! Bonnie sent a cute video of her pups playing on the back porch with a cardboard box too! 

This sweet picture was taken last night ... Belize was asleep on Mark's shoulder until she heard me taking a picture. LOL
Mark is calling her his wee Billie Goat. 

Today, Mark and Randy painted again at Dawn's house. The shower is now finished and crown molding installed in the bathroom.
The shower looks great. Randy's friend Tim did a quality job!

Randy ... gettin' it done! 

At home, Mark noticed the tortoise in Lew's front yard. By the time I grabbed my camera, he had wandered over to our house!
Is this the first tortoise selfie you've ever seen? 

After happy hour, Mark suggested we go to Stavros for dinner. It sounded like a great plan so off we went. I had eggplant Parmigiana and Mark had mushrooms over spaghetti. Stavros has delicious food. Of course we had a Greek salad and garlic toast ... and wine! Hey, it was date night! 

On the way home, I phoned Diane. She had lost her phone in the canal at Georgia Boys couple of weeks ago. We caught up on the news and yakked awhile. They had a very busy spring season with bass tournament fisherman.

Tomorrow, Randy picks up Dawn's mom at the airport for a week's visit. So, no painting tomorrow for Mark.

That's it for our day. I hope your Wednesday was good.  Toodles!

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