Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Estimates ... 4/19/16

Good morning. It certainly is beautiful living in Central Florida. The front door is open and 60°F right now! Gorgeous. I was up early enough to have my chores done before we're busy with insurance people. 

Tuesday mornings we (try to) visit our humane society resale shop ... today we donated a rocking chair, a few brooches, 2 rear-view mirror car charms and some household odds 'n sods. We didn't buy anything! 

By 1 o'clock there were 3 men swarming our boathouse taking pictures of the damage. They discovered burn holes on our boat's canvas top, scorch marks on the upholstery and burn holes on the carpeting.  Poor "Mrs R B."

She needs recarpeting!

And, new canvas! (One of numerous holes.)

Tomorrow, the adjuster arrives at 9 ... and  we should have an estimate on the aluminum replacement from Simplex. 

Meanwhile, Randy worked at Dawn's cutting in around the front of her house. He's trying to get the exterior finished before hot weather begins.

In Pompano, Scott bowled with the "south" gang and won ... the gutter ball trophy! (Well at least it didn't cost him $$$!) LOL

Actually, he had a pretty good game! With a little effort, and practice, Scott could be pretty good.

Today, my ankle and my hand were both aching. So, it's time to get an x-ray, 18 days after my big fall. I really thought everything would be healed by now. I have an appointment with doc in the box at 11 o'clock tomorrow. 

The Scotties have been kept very busy the last few days with all the strangers about our yard. I think they are exhausted. Right now, they're having a dog run through the house. LOL. They sure give us a lot of pleasure ... just don't be in the way when they go thundering down the hall. I forgot to put in yesterday's blog how Lew came to the front door while I was in the shower. Both Belize and Robbie sounded the alarm by howling! It was hilarious. What a lively chorus. Haha. 

Lew came for happy hour and an update on the goings-on while we were sitting on the front patio. He heard that our neighbor Frank (blue house across the canal) died last night. Coincidentally, it was Frank's house that burned to the ground in 2012. 

Tonight, we're going to relax with the pups in front of the TV.

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