Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Fire Drill ... 4/17/16

Good morning y'all. It's another front door open kind of day! (Dawn's mom will be sitting on their deck catching some rays right now!)

Poor Belize had an upset tummy this morning. She ate all the food in her spinning toy during the night! Perhaps, a little too much excitement yesterday! Never mind, we have no plans away from the house today.

Mark decided to work on da Mounty's  air conditioning system. We'll see what he can accomplish. Finding informational videos on Google = amazing. 

Me? Well, there's laundry, and I'm going to hang a string of shell lights in our front porch. Also, I ordered a new thatched umbrella for our back patio! had the large size I've been looking for. 

Our neighborhood friends Pat and Ken went to see Meredith at Hurricanes last night. Eustis Station is the band she sings with. (G, are you amazed at what comes out of Siri when you dictate sentences? Certain words I say, like, for instance, during come out as jeering! What's with that? Is my Canadian accent throwing her off? Good Lord. I've been an American for 30 years, there can't be much Canadian left. LOL)

My British cousin Caz posted this on Facebook today. I had such a laugh I wanted to share it. 
I heard them all ... it seems our mothers read the same parenting book!

So it was a lovely quiet afternoon and we were watching NASCAR on TV. Mark said to me, what's that noise? I said, it sounds like a jet or maybe a rocket. We continued watching TV. Then Mark said do you have something running in the house? I said no. He said, well I better have a look. I saw him open the front door and look, then go to the back door. Then I heard a muffled yell as the door slammed. 

I got up and looked out the front door too; then went to the back door. There, I saw what he was yelling about. The boathouse was in flames and the roaring sound was coming from a propane tank. I tried calling 911, but Siri had already heard Mark yell and was trying to intercept to see what was happening. Well, my next thought was to take a picture for the blog. LOL. Well, I couldn't do that either. Finally, I got the phone app and dialed 911!!! Meanwhile, Mark jumped into action, grabbed the hose, laid on the lawn spraying the fire.
Well it was a 2 tanker fire with paramedics! We got our money's worth out of taxes this year! 
When I went out onto the road to watch for the firetruck, Lew heard there was a fire on our street and came out. He ran around back to help Mark. 
(I wonder what Lew is looking at?)

Mark had used the leaf blower two hours before. We think the leaf blower shorted, caused a fire, started the smoker cover on fire and eventually blew the propane tank. That must have been the noise we heard! Duh! 

It was a darn good thing we were home, as it was windy, and we could've started half the neighborhood on fire!
Well, now Mark has a project. He was looking for something to do. LOL

That's all the excitement here today. Tata. 

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