Wednesday, April 20, 2016

X-rays ... 4/20/16

Good morning ... another day in paradise! The insurance adjuster arrived early for the 9 o'clock appointment. All went well until she tried to leave and discovered her keys and phone were locked in her Ford Fusion. After several calls on my phone, she found a locksmith! By 10:15 she was on the way! Let's hope her bad mood doesn't affect our estimates!

Mark stayed home with the doggies while I went for exrays on my ankle and hand. 
L.R. Urgent Care was terrific. Within an hour, I had three x-rays on my ankle, three on my hand and met the doctor. Apparently, I have sprains on both joints, but no fractures. Yahoo!

Back home, Mark and I puttered around until happy hour. Lew and Lynn suggested we join them for 99 cent taco night. We took a rain check as Mark had dinner on the stove already. After happy hour, Randy phoned ... they were popping in after using their Beall's Bucks! (We teased them ... Dawn's mom shopped there ... and RanDawn got the bonus bucks! What a racket.) LOL

We had some wine; yakked and had some laughs over Robbie "Humperdink" with his new toy ... a squeaky snake. LOL. That boy uses his dew claws! Belize grabbed the squeaky snake a few times and dashed around the house. LOL. Randy and Dawn left before dark (on the bike) for Tiki West and shrimp. 

Marshall (Mark's nephew) and Savannah announced they're expecting their first child in October. 

We love their sense of humor!  Oh, what fun! 

So that's our day in a nutshell. Tomorrow, we're expecting a wine delivery. How posh, eh! Ta Ta. 

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