Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bruiser ... 4/3/16

Roadway - 1
Julie - 0

Good Sunday morning! OMG I hurt in some strange spots. Mark puttered about while I sat with ice packs on here and there. Ancient Aliens was on Telly so I was content to sit for a couple of hours. 

Last night I ordered Belize's (3rd) birthday prezzie ... 

I got a pretty good deal on it through eBay. She'll be sitting pretty on our car rides from now on! (No more sittin' lower than Robs.) 

Randy and Dawn worked at her house today, sorting and cleaning things. On the drive to Fruitland Park, Dawn read the Blog to Randy. I had mentioned we had peas with our dinner ... but was busted!!! Mark forgot to cook them! LOL. 

Tomorrow, Mark is helping Randy repair the water damaged bathroom wall. We were happy they came for a visit about 5. Mark whipped up avocado and tomato salad, garlic rolls and pizzas on the Pizzazz. They left for home just after 8. The doggies were happy to see them both ... and mooch pizza bones. 

Bonnie and Roger showed Cabby (Belize's brother) and won many ribbons!
Cabby is so handsome ... and has a lovely personality. Here are the ribbons he won ... and my comment. LOL
Tomorrow, Bonnie doesn't have to get up for work! She retired last Friday! Woohoo!

I phoned Sue and Wayne this evening but they were busy with Pat & Derek over for dinner. Last night, they were out dancing with Carol & Jack! (We're a couple of lazybones by comparison.)

That's it for today. I hope to be much better tomorrow! Ta ta. 

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