Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Early Appointment ... 4/6/16

Good morning! I was in the shower by 3:30 preparing to drive Mark to a 5:30 procedure. The doggies enjoyed half an hour on the bed with him while I dressed. Egad. When "they" make a 7 am scheduled appointment time it really means be there at 5:30. Belize is the only one happy to be up extra early. LOL. 

Tavares Surgery Center features San Antonio art prints. 
This artist's work caught my eye. Right away I recognized the beautiful city. 
The artist is D. Manning. I love the style!

Mark's procedure went well; "nothing concerning" but he has a follow-up appointment with the doctor next week. After an hour's nap at home we ran post office and grocery-shopping errands. 

Beside Winn Dixie we saw a Sandhill Crane family. Sweet. Papa spread his wings in warning ... or hello. LOL

Randy and Dawn had a busy day at her house. Now they are home having a base added to the spa. Busy busy. 

All was well at Sue & Wayne's! So that's all for today. 

I saw this on Facebook and laughed. 
Definitely this was Robbie's attitude yesterday. Hee hee. 

Ta ta. 

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