Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fools' Day 2016

Good morning. As you can see from Robbie and Belize's photo, it's a bright beautiful sunshiny open-door kind of day.
Robbie and Belize, waiting for mom to make their breakfast. But first, the birdbath was refilled and the squirrels fed.  LOL

Yesterday, I received some photos our 2014 east coast RV trip that Sue had printed and mailed to us. I sat down to write "Who, what, where" details on the back of them. That morphed into an entirely larger project than I anticipated. LOL. You see, I have a decorative photo display box, about 3 inches deep where I store photos. When it gets full, I move those pictures to a sorted/labeled photo box by year. Well, I could hardly believe it when I had three years of photos to sort and file. Where does the time go? 
Speaking of time, I discovered this old photo taken with my "new"
Fujita 35mm camera. The picture was taken New Year's Eve, 1970 ... Carol & Garry Leach. 

While I was sorting and filing pictures, Mark cleaned more boathouse gutters. He is nearly finished, just half of one side left to clean. It's lovely to have trees around for shade, but they can be messy.

Sue and I are trying to arrange an RV weekend trip. This sounds easy, but it needs to be a five-star resort somewhere between us. Any suggestions? I hope we can make this happen!

I phoned Randy about 6 o'clock. He just got home from helping friend Dan pick up a new 36 foot Mirada motorhome from Giant Recreation. Last year, he bought a fifth wheel through them, but wasn't able to tow it with his current truck. While Randy was busy with that, Dawn went to her house to start the clean up after renting it for year. Monday, Mark is going with Randy to rebuild the bathroom wall there. 

So, it wasn't a very exciting day, but it certainly went by quickly. Ta ta. 

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