Thursday, April 21, 2016

Giordano Wine ... 4/21/16

Buongiorno! Yes, it's a lovely day in the neighborhood. We are expecting 14 bottles of wine today ... A regular wine fest!!! 

Here's a Florida fix for our pals "up north!" It's called "The Crack" ... a zigzag fissure off Baird's Creek. 
I wonder if there's an RV park nearby? Nice eh? The Chassahowitzka River is 1 1/2 hours from us. 

My projects on the go include refreshing the Sunroom's decor. I've decided to refinish the desk in perhaps, a pale sea green (and the dark wood mirror), replace the "poker dogs" framed poster with a mermaid wall hanging, and some new nautical knickknacks. Ho ho ... that's my kind of fun! 

Of course, the RV project continues. Mark and I have 15' of wallpaper border to install, a rustic clock to hang, 2 new copper burnished globe light strings to hang and new wall art for the bedroom. We had planned to use the RV in the next two weeks, but with the recent boat house fire and subsequent rebuilding, RVing is on hold! Drat. 

Mark's project this morning was to install an actuator door in the Mountaineer. So, he went to O'Reillys for a Freon charge. Cool. 

Ms. Belize has decided that walkers and bike riders are "the enemy." Mark has been carrying a water bottle on his walks with her. The feisty wee girl was squirted today! 

Mark was disappointed the Freon charge didn't produce cold air in Da Mountie. Back to YouTube for more troubleshooting! 

I was picking up my iPhone to text Sue ... "What's up?" when this text came through to my phone ... 

Haha. Darn near the same! Wayne had just BBQ'd chicken (bricks) Sue said. Heehee. 

Tonight is good TV with Scotties on our laps! Do you watch James Cordon? Funny. He had the following on his Late Late Show ...

Bernie Sanders having lunch with his friend Killer Mike. 

It's totally like "unlikely animal friends" pictures. 

Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

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