Saturday, April 2, 2016

Stormy Weather 4/2/16

Our weather radio woke us at 6 with a warning of severe thunderstorms rolling in with a "cold" front. Mark thought it best to walk the Scotties. 

Well that certainly fooled us. The storm went north of us and south of us and we scarcely got a drizzle! Better safe than sorry ... blah blah blah. 

By 1130, we had cabin fever and decided to take the kids to Sonic for lunch.
Robbie is very intense about his Sonic chicken. Mark sat him in the high car seat. Belize needs a booster seat too. LOL

But not to worry; she got her fair share of chicken and French fries. Haha.

Back at home, Mark and I vacuumed and cleaned the car interior. That was on our spring cleaning list. Check. Done. Then, he began brushing Robbie while I went to check the mail. Two minutes later, I came staggering in the door yelling for help. When I walked away from the mailbox I twisted my left ankle, pitched sideways, over corrected, pitched forward ... landed on my right knee and chest throwing my chin into the asphalt and skidding my right hand and wrist along. I finished up with a fat lip from putting my teeth through both upper and lower lips. I look awesome! 

OMG ... I hurt. Mark is a good nurse ... ice in a facecloth for my mouth ... soft ice pack on my swelling ankle ... bag of frozen peas on my bleeding hand ... Pants and gravel dirt removal from my knee and Arnica on bruised regions! See,  Mark is a good nurse. 

RanDawn had been to Sanford airport today on a dry run for picking up Dawn's mom next week. After that, they went to the mall and picked up a very early birthday present for Dawn. (it's late June.) Then they phoned to say they were popping in for happy hour. Perfect. I need a distraction.

Mark poured drinks for everyone and made us Perogies, peas and Kielbasa for dinner. All went well until I knocked over both my water and my wine. Oops. You shouldn't talk with your hands when you only have one hand in operation! 

We managed some laughs ... 
and plenty of Scottie snuggles. Mark kept the Advil and Scotch flowing, so I was reasonably comfortable. 
We'd run out of ice packs by this time ... so notice the wine cooler on my right hand. LOL. Hey, at least I didn't break anything!

That's all for now. It's time for bed and healing. 

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