Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hurricane's ... 4/9/16

What a perfect day for our community luncheon boat cruise to Hurricane's. Lew and Lynn are joining us on the ride! Of course the dogs will be very annoyed that they have to stay home! 

The boat ride was beautiful and we had a big turnout. 

We got to know a "new" couple from Connecticut who moved in last fall. They like similar things ... maybe we'll introduce them to our Mexican Train night. 

It's really dry here today; humidity 17% ... I think it's a first in my Florida experience! Mark ran our sprinklers for 45 minutes just to liven things up! The weather's lovely though!

Tonight ... we're relaxing with the Scotties. Mark did 20 minutes stripping on each dog while watching golf. That should help as Beez coat was looking heavy. Robbie's coat is looking much nicer nowadays! 

We heard Rick & Ruth bought a 2/2 condo near their daughter Carrie's in Kelowna. It seems a great way to go when they like winters away from Canads.  Congratulations you two!  

That's it for our day. Randy worked at Dawn's house (she was at work) doing curb appeal stuff. 

Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

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