Thursday, March 3, 2016

Yard Sale - 3-3-16

Bonjour. Francaise? How much? Got any gold/silver/guns? (And that's how we rolled out of bed this morning.) LOL. Ya gotta love the tire kickers that arrive too early for a community yard sale. Mark and Lew checked out each other's loot  before the first buyers arrived. 

So, good morning. It's a chilly 55° climbing to 81 today. Robbie and Belize are having a blast looking out the screened garage door. Robbie is quiet, but Belize has a low throaty growl for whoever walks up to Mark! 

I've mentioned before that both Robbie and Belize have the same mom, Rosie. Rosie is the Scottie on the right. 
She is a retired showgirl as well, and now lives in Tulsa with pal Bridget. (What a great picture!) Speaking of shows, Bonnie and Roger are enroute St. Louis with all 5 kids in their travel crates. (We don't know how they manage as we were loaded up cruising home with two dogs and luggage from Tulsa!) Haha. 

Well, we sold $105.50 of our meager offerings. Seriously, we've sold so much on eBay in 14 months we're almost out of excess stuff. Awesome, right?

Tomorrow, we have a box of goodies to drop off at our local Humane Society resale shop. Mark is starting a lighting project for the dog's fenced area. During the summer months, we get blind mosquitoes. They don't bite, are related to fishflies, but tiny, about the size of a mosquito. If you have a white light on your house (or even a white stucco house) they are attracted to it. Hence "Blind Mosquitos!" So, Mark puts a light out on a tree away from the house or, in the case of the dogs yard, mounted on the fence facing away from the house. Brilliant! That's my guy! ;-)

We had such a laugh this afternoon with Robbie and Belize on a major dog run. It lasted three or four minutes and both were huffing and puffing afterwards. LOL. I saw it commenced with Belize! Good girl. Robbie-dog needed some exercise today. LOL. Other than being outside for the garage sale, it's been an indoor type of day. Volusia County has a controlled burn going on and we are getting ash and smoke from it 40 miles away. Phew. 

Rick and Ruth have made it safely to Tucson Arizona. (Or "Tuck-sun" as a Winnipeg friend once called it.) LOL. She was a hoot. Bernice Gingel.  I knew her at United Grain Growers, UGG. Anyway, I digress. LOL. Rick and Ruth are getting new tires put on their coach before leaving on Saturday.  

So that's it for tonight. We sat on the porch for a few minutes, but the neighborhood is a-buzz getting ready for tomorrow's garage sale, again. So ta ta for tonight. It was a good day here. I hope yours was too.

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