Thursday, March 24, 2016

Flea Market 'n Steaks ... 3/24/16

It's a bright beautiful sunshiny day. After a breakfast of kielbasa and cheese omelettes, Lynne, Mark and I went to our local flea market for some exercise. Les decided he had had enough exercise yesterday and wanted to relax in front of the TV with the Scotties. So be it; we were off. An hour later, about 11:15 we met and everyone had bags of goodies. It's a nice-sized market ... not too huge. 

Our next stop was Publix to pick up a few grocery items. We have a more relaxing day planned with steaks and potatoes for the four of us tonight. Les  and Lynne start for Winnipeg tomorrow morning, early. It appears they may be going through some rain tomorrow.  

Mark is feeling under the weather; perhaps allergies (runny eyes and sniffles); it's hard to tell during springtime.
My orchids have been blooming since (before) Valentine's Day. Once the blooms are gone, Mark cuts the main stem back by half and sets them under our trumpet until next winter's blossoms. The bright pink is the older plant. Nice huh!

This afternoon, Lynn and I played two rounds of Rummy to 1000. The first time, I got caught with two deuces in my hand because I forgot they are wildcards. Duh! The second game was pretty close. While we were playing cards, the guys watched a hockey game. It was a nice relaxing afternoon. 

Now Mark is making a salad while Lynn put her special potatoes in the oven. It has the makings of another feast. The steaks were excellent, perfectly cooked. Afterwards, we poured more wine and watched Shark Tank and yakked. We had some very heavy rain, and Lynne enjoyed the front porch for a few minutes. (It's the best.) LOL. At 10:30, they were off to bed, ready for their drive tomorrow.

Ta ta. 

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