Friday, March 4, 2016

Bowling for $$$ ... 3-4-16

Good morning y'all. Yes, it's a bright beautiful morning, again, so I won't mention it. LOL

Did you watch the Republican "Debate" last night? Egad, indecent insults ... it was ridiculous. I'm wondering if this is the final demise of the grand old party? 

So our first stop of the day was to drop off items at our Humane Society's store. After that, we went to meet Randy and Dawn at the bowling alley. It was a blast today! We always have fun but today was FUN. LOL. Lane 12 had a red pin mixed in the lot that popped up in random spots. For some strange reason, it really threw us off! (It was like the red high heels on the table at Granny's Attic!) We'd take aim at the head pin but the ball went straight for the red pin. Heehee. 
Reasonably "good" scores for the "Would've-Could've-Should've Team".  

Randy loved it when Mark had to toss $2 into the tin! (Dawn, Randy & I pay on gutter balls ... Mark pays when he fails to get 3 strikes in a game.) In all, $5 went into the box (plus $3 in winnings from the last GBF lotto ticket winnings) ... so $8 in scratch-offs for next time. 
Put the bill in the box Mark! ;-)

That darn RED pin! Haha. 

Scott arrives this afternoon to rondevous with RanDawn for a Daytona Beach bike outing tomorrow. The weather is forecast to be mid 80; perfect. 

This evening, Mark and I stepped outside to watch the SPACEX Falcon 5 rocket launch ... and off to the ISS. 
Fabulous! What a great era we're living in. 

Speaking of fab ... my sweet Belize gives great kisses! 
Ta ta til tomorrow. Enjoy your Friday night!

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