Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Beware the Ides of March 2016

Good morning. Yes, it's another bright beautiful sunshiny day. The door is open and the birds are singing. Life is good.
When Rick and Ruth visited, they brought a ponytail palm plant for us. The funny thing is, we had just bought one for ourselves for the backyard! Yesterday, Mark put it into a bronze pot with plenty of new soil. We decided it will reside on our front porch. At the moment, it's on a table, but as it grows taller, it will be put the floor. So, thank you Rick and Ruth. It looks great; a good idea. Muah. 

We phoned RanDawn's to check on the travelers trip to Winnipeg; but they hadn't talked to Bob 'n Jill yet. Their flight home was a midnight arrival. Later today, Randy & Dawn are dropping over for a visit. Yay. 

Mark and I decided on a couple games of bowling on our way to Walmart. Hmm, Mark did well, me, dreadful. More practice is needed. I cannot go 10 days between bowling outings. Blah!

Back home with all our groceries and loot, we put things away and prepared for Randy and Dawn's visit. They arrived about 530 having just visited Mary, Brandon and Brandon Junior, five months. Mark put salsa and chips on the Sunroom bar and we had drinks there. Tonight, Robbie was happy to sit on the floor, while Belize wanted a barstool. Boy, she caught on quick! LOL
Uncle Randy and aunt Dawn cuddling  Mz BeeZee. (She gave lots of kisses!)

Robbie decided enough was enough. I put him on the barstool, and he gave aunt Dawn a big kiss. LOL
Rairnt! (As they say in Tennessee.) haha. 

So, hors d'oeuvres were done, and it was time to serve the pizza. Mark asked me to bring in the bottles of wine. That was a simple request, right? OMG you won't believe what happened.
carried the two carafes of wine, one Chardonnay and the other Cabernet. As I went to set them down, I accidentally clinked the two bottles together, and as you can see, the bottom fell off one carafe and red wine went everywhere!!! We all stood stunned for a minute. Mark put the dogs on the back patio in case there were any glass shards. As it turned out, the base of the carafe fit perfectly on the bottle ... a clean break! I found our carpet cleaner, while Randy poured white wine over the spilt red wine to neutralize it. Yes folks, that's what you do. White wine over red wine erases it.
WTH? Thank heavens we own a carpet cleaner! A few minutes later, we had it all cleaned up, like it never happened. Dawn said her "crash, boom, bang" was catching!  LOL. Perhaps it was just reusing our wine carafes too often. It was total glass fatique! LOL. Heck; where can you go for a floor show with pizza?

By the way, here's a pic of our 90% done  backsplash project. Nice eh?
So that's it for tonight. Randy and Dawn headed home at 9:30 as she works tomorrow. Mark and I finished tidying up and started the dishwasher. The tablecloth came out of the washer looking clean. All's well. LOL. Ta ta til the morrow. 

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