Friday, March 25, 2016

L 'n L on the way ... 3/25/16

Good morning! Rain is on the way ... Lynne and Les will have a few hours of intermittent liquid sunshine for their drive. 
Lynn wanted to steal my pelican, but Mark had it screwed to the post. LOL. They were headed to the Great White North by 8 AM ... A full hour ahead of schedule! Wow. 

After morning chores were finished, Mark set up our "grooming table" in the Sunroom and buzzed Robbie's face and ears. 
Mr. Handsome!
Bonnie donated her Scottish Terrier grooming handbook to us ... we tried. No more bunny ears for Robs. LOL. Mark is using the stripping comb on Robbie's back and sides plus "training" his eyebrows as they grow. 

Our wee lass was excellent on the table ... and hopefully we did okay trimming her face and ears. She was a fuzzy-wuzzy with our Florida humidity. 
Belize is tough to photo with her black coat. 
Our sweet babe. 

Here's a cool tree troll. How'd you like to see this while walking in the woods? Creepy! 
That's crazy!

It was a laid-back kind of day here. After dinner, we walked the dogs and settled into some American Idol. Ta ta. 

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