Thursday, March 17, 2016

Saint Patrick's Day 2016

The Top of the mornin' to ya! Yes, there will be "the wearing of the green" today. Actually, both our heritages stem from the Emerald Isle. So there. We shall celebrate and drink green beer today. LOL. 
Randy popped over with homemade turkey soup and caught me in my nightgown. (Gown doesn't even belong with 'night'!) LOL. Mark mentioned Randy was coming but I didn't heed his warning! This afternoon, Randy has a hot tub being delivered for their patio. That's big news ... he's been wanting one for years! 

After Randy headed home, Mark puttered about trimming palm trees while I moved Livingroom furniture about and vacuumed. Think spring cleaning!

At 3:30, we met Carrie and Bob at Okeefe's. No, we didn't know them, but we got to know them!!! LOL. Bob was a yakker and we learned his family history back to the 1300s. LOL. We were entertained by them until Pat, Ken, Rose and Jim arrived. 

Rose 'n Jim

Ken 'n Pat 

We were lucky enough to get a table for six; ordered dinner and drinks. An Irish singer/guitarist played old tunes while we ate. A few drinks later, we gave up our seats and stood outside to listen to livelier music. A Yeti arrived and coaxed us to another bar where we had a round of "too sweet" wine ... and rock music!
By 8 o'clock we were home with the kids for the evening. It was all good fun.

The Scotty's were very happy to see us! It was snuggles, cuddles and walks! Hope your SPD was great. Muah. 

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