Sunday, March 20, 2016

S P R I N G 2016

Good morning from Central Florida where it's 73F. Yes, it's a front door open kind of day. 

When we celebrated St. Patrick's Day with Pat and Ken, we talked about English Springer Spaniel dogs. They have a beautiful black and white girl called Sadie. She's a playful happy go lucky dog. Of course the stories and drinks flowed ... Darby-Do, Candy-Bear and Freddie Farkle all had a part in what happened next. Ken decided Sadie needs a friend! He's been on springer rescue the past three days. LOL

Mark's sore back is a little better. He slept most of the night and today is more comfortable standing than sitting. He's off to the grocery store for a few things for Lynne and Les visiting ... like ribeye steaks! Tomorrow, Les is taking us for a nice dinner after they arrive. Sweet. 

Randy and Dawn arrived for a visit about 2 o'clock. We poured some drinks and chatted. They have decided on November 9 for a wedding in Charleston South Carolina. Awesome romantic. It's their elopement so no pressure on anyone to attend unless they wish to. Perfect! Yep, we will be there! 

Randy told us a hilarious story. When their new spa was delivered earlier in the week, Randy put the spa chemical package on the kitchen counter. This morning, he was getting spices ready for beer can chicken and found an unusual shaker labeled "Redneck". He read the ingredients and began laughing. Dawn had put a spa fragrance enhancement shaker into the spice cabinet! She is officially banned from the kitchen. LOL. (Her plan is working!) Hee hee. 

Mz BeeZee is snuggling unabashedly with uncle Randy! Robbie is miffed! That's HIS uncle!
Never mind, Robbie snuggled in with aunt Dawn's boots! Dawn was 2nd round waitress! LOL. She's so much fun! 
November's going to be a crazy month! A wedding, Thanksgiving and (Canada's) Grey cup! Wowsa. PARTAY!

So we fed the doggies and decided on Stavros for dinner tonight! We were home at 8:15 and Randy and Dawn headed home on the motorcycle.
FYI ... They always promise to check in when they get home, but aren't very good at follow-through. Just sayin'! I shall phone AGAIN. 

Tonight, our show "Billions" is on! Have you seen it? We suggest binge watching to learn the characters. 

It was a great day. Lots of laughs. Ta ta til tomorrow. 

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