Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lunch on the Dead River 3/6/16

Good morning! Yes, it's bright and beautiful ... perfect for a boat ride to Palm Gardens. 
The cypress trees are showing a hint of green ... Spring is on the way! 
Robbie had a chair but Belize sat on dad's lap for some chicken and fries. We had jalapeño poppers, a ham sandwich and buffalo chicken ... plus a few fries. It was so busy there! 
"The Sage and the Apprentice" said one admirer. LOL. Another walked past Robbie sitting on a chair and gently ran her hand around his face. He was stoic but gave ME a look for guidance. Good dog!

Back home we relaxed with the kids and puttered about the house. It was time to clean the medicine cabinet(s) of out-of-date leftovers. While I was cleaning out our 3 mirrored cabinet over the bath sink, I opened the far right mirror door before the middle one was totally closed. Well, that was a big disaster! The right mirror door popped out of its hinge and fell toward the center cabinet, breaking BOTH its hinges! Yep, 3 hinges snapped on 2 doors! Mark is going to try our secret nato crypto glue from the 2015 RV show. It's amazing stuff! We'll see ...

Randy, Dawn & Scott showed up on their bikes for happy hour aboard "Mrs R B". We didn't know but it was Scott's FIRST ride aboard! How could that be we all said? 
Uncle Randy loves Mz BeeZee. Cute!

Well, we poured some drinks and took (another) cruise. 
Mz B played hard to get, but Robbie welcomed Scott. It was lovely putt-putting into Sunset Bay and down to the Gator Hole. 

After feeding the kids at home, we headed to Stavros for delicioso dinners! That place is a great bargain! Tomorrow, another perfect cruising day is planned. 

Tonight, it's THE LAST Downton Abbey episode. We're going to miss our British "family".  It's been a great 6 year series! 

Ta ta for now. 

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