Thursday, March 10, 2016


Good day, eh? It's now 75F at 10 o'clock and we're off to Live Oak, Florida for 3 nights. While Mark was driving we caught up on Rick and Ruth's blog. They've been having a good trip west seeing the sights!

It's now nearly 2 o'clock and we're just getting into site 47 at the special persons area. It's kind of crazy, but they put us with our big rig into a 30 amp site. We were blocking part of the road plus didn't have enough power! I called the front gate and was given site 47, 48 or 49, whichever. The other area had more shade, but this is better for us with having the dogs on board. We are going to have a golf cart anyway, so being a little further from things doesn't matter to us.

Mz BeeZee found herself an interesting spot ... on the table between the recliners! 
Silly girl.  Mark and I set up their outside pen on carpet, plug in the fan and gave them a bowl of ice water. The two of them were so happy watching people pass by on their golf carts. 
The patio party pen! 
Bee is trying out all the seats! LOL. 

After our happy hour, we fed the dogs and went to supper at the Music Hall café. It was karaoke night. The locals around here take it very seriously. LOL. Sometimes that just makes it all the more fun.
Two performers ... a Tom Jones style singer and the lady from the ticket gate. 

Dinner was good ... Shrimp Alfredo with salad and garlic toast; cheeseburger with sweet potato fries ... 2 wine & 3 beer = $27. What a bargain! 

We came home by 8 and enjoyed the evening with Robbie & Belize. Tomorrow ... the golf cart and exploring with the doggies. 

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