Monday, March 7, 2016

Wayne's Day ... 3-7-16

Yes, it's Wayne's birthday! Happy happy dear brother-in-law! Enjoy your Mediterranean cruise!

It's a bright, beautiful start to our week! Yes, the door is open and the dogs are watching squirrels (quietly!)

Randy and Scott arrived on their bikes at 11:15 to go to Okeefe's by boat for lunch with us. It was a nice ride with the wind at our backs; through the Dora Canal and onto Lake Dora. We tied up at Wooten Park and walked to Okeefe's where we sat on the patio. Tuna melts, burgers and Reuben sandwiches were devoured. 

Scott and Randy hoisting a beer at noon! Thanks Kyle ... the Scotch Harvest beer was pretty good. LOL

After lunch, we walked over to the Ruby Street Grill for Scott's photo sitting in the big beach chair. LOL
Scott was a good sport! (Hee hee ... you should have seen him getting out of the chair!) 

By 2:30 we were home playing Mexican Dominoes. 
Belize loves uncle Randy too. She helped him play dominoes. 

Tonight we relaxed, brushed the doggies and watched The Voice. 

Bonnie and Roger were busy at their home unpacking from the weekend dog show trip. They ran out to grocery shop and came home to loose puppies. LOL. Fortunately, it wasn't any worse than pee to mop up. Guess what they bought at the store ... DSO! LOL. Bonnie said they're hooked. Oh that totally refreshing orange sparkle! Yum. 

Okay, that's it for us. Mz B is giving me the look. It's bedtime! Where are our treats? Ta ta til tomorrow. 

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