Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spring cleaning – 3-5-16

Good morning. We woke up to sunshine and cooler temperatures. The SpaceX rocket that went up yesterday successfully launched its' satellite, returned to the "at sea" pad ... landed ... BUT unfortunately, of the four landing legs failed to descend. Darn it all. It sat for a second or two before it tipped sideways and exploded. Wha-wa. 
Awesome! Landing the rocket safely at sea!

It's thought one landing leg failed due to freezing. :-(

Anyway, it's spring cleaning here at our house. Mark installed the new (summer) light for the dogs outback while I began spring cleaning my craft room. (We've had the doors and windows open a lot. That's what I get for living large; dust.) LOL. That was a 4 hour task!

Randy, Dawn and Scott went to Daytona Beach for the day on the bikes. Sue and Wayne are doing last minute things before their Mediterranean cruise.

We puttered ... relaxed ... played with the doggies and had an excellent day. Tonight, pasta! So that's it for today. Ta ta. 

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