Saturday, March 19, 2016

Community Pic-a-nic - 3/19/16

Hello from the early morning crew here. (No, we haven't seen Mark yet.) Robbie is snoozing under the coffee table while Bee is on my lap. Life is good.

It's our annual community barbeque at 2 o'clock ... with rain! Mark made a batch of Mary-Beth's Baked Beans as our contribution. As he opened the oven door to put the dish in, I heard his back "pop" ... ouch! He hadn't even picked up the pan yet! (I know THAT pain!) Now he's sitting with Light Relief on his back and I gave him 2 Advil. No party for him today!

Sandra & Jim hosted the BBQ at their lovely lakefront home. The rain wasn't heavy but enough to necessitate us being inside! 
Lake Eustis was kicking up a bit today! If I owned that house I'd sleep on the porch tonight. It was so nice with waves splashing around the cypress trees and a cool wind. 

Everyone was happy to eat inside ... they all did a great job setting up tables! It's a ton of work!
All were asking where's Mark? I had to say he had a cooking injury. LOL. Hopefully he will feel a lot better tomorrow! 

Meeting a new friend Coreen (husband Gino) who moved in recently. 

Well, Robs and Beez teamed up to run the house. It had to happen! Now when I ask if they want to go out, they look at each other and don't move! What's with that? They want a walk! I have to shoo them to their lovely back yard. Brats! LOL

Today, Sue and Wayne will fly home from Spain and arrive late tonight. Then on Monday, Lynne and Les will come here for a visit! With any luck, we will be able to go boating. It's what all four of us love to do! And, they'll have fun meeting our Belize too! 

After the party, I made a Pizzazz pizza and we watched a 3 star movie "Babel". Brad Pitt and Kate Blanchett starred in it. Well that's it for tonight. I hope your Saturday was grand. Ta ta. 

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