Thursday, March 31, 2016

Game Day ... 3/31/16

Good morning. Yes, it's a bright beautiful sunshiny day and 88° by 4 o'clock. March is going out as a lamb in Central Florida. 

I'm hosting game day and Mark decided a walk in the forest would be his therapy. Afterward, he's going to help Randy with his riding lawnmower. Warranty? LOL. As the story goes, Randy started the Murray mower and drove it out of the covered area. A rear tire came off the rim. He shut it off; then couldn't restart it. The short version is, the black riding mower was blocking the red riding mower so Randy had to use his push mower to cut the vacant lot. LOL. SuperMark to the rescue! 

It's been a tough spring health and accident-wise in our neighborhood. Nancy's husband Thomas is going through chemotherapy for lung cancer, Sharon's son-in-law blacked-out at the wheel while picking up his daughter at school (and had a serious vehicle accident) and friend Linda is just home after four days in the hospital for a stroke! Yikes. I have an idea what the topic of conversation will be this afternoon.

Cheers! The house is ready ... 
And here's how the party rolled ...
Pat, with BBQ tongs in hand (LOL) was sure to find a play in Rummikube. 
I think Florence was reacting to Pat's tong pointing. (We couldn't reach the end of the table ... so, tongs were in order!). 

Sandra threatened to hide the tongs. LOL. We had plenty of fun. (Sandra, Rose and Carin were the winners until we got the tongs out.) That was when we realized they had a stack of tiles down their end we never chose from! LOL. Finally, Sharon and Florence won a game each at our end of the table. Everyone headed home at 5 and Mark came home about 5:30. He'd enjoyed his day too. 

Tonight, we had Mark's homemade chicken chili for supper. It's good TV tonight, so I'm going to sign off now and relax. I hope you had a good last day of March 2016. Ta ta. 

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