Friday, March 11, 2016

Chili Cook off ... 3/11/16

Good morning from Northern Florida! Robbie & Mark spotted a small gray fox from our Livingroom window. The birds are singing and our own little Billie goat climbed up on Mark's chair arm.
The Scotties and I slept great; Mark not so well. He'll catch a snooze later on. 

About 1030, Mark saw a brown horse gallop past our campsite; saddled but riderless. Four people on horseback (and one dusty walker) came toward us from the Horse Camping area. Mark pointed them down River Road. We jumped in the truck and went searching too. There are miles and miles of trails on these 800 acres. We didn't know if they would find the horse. About half an hour later, we saw them coming from the Suwannee River beach area at the end of the road! Fortunately, they had the runaway, not injured ... and still as frisky as ever. LOL. From appearances, it was very young! 

At 11 o'clock we picked up our golf cart, G 12,  lime-green like my 1970 Plymouth Duster. We hoisted our Jolly Roger flag, loaded up the kids and went to the Pickin' Shed and cruising. 
$35 a day ... cheaper than owning one!

Belize sat on the seat between Mark and I, while Robbie took the floor.
We started out very slowly not knowing what the dogs' reactions would be.
They both had a blast! Me too! We rode around the park and discovered a Statewide powwow setting up this weekend.
Back at the RV, Mark is cooking lunch while our toy charges for a drive to the beach and shopping village. 

We took the kids on the golf cart again for a ride. We went to the sand beach on the Suwannee. 
I think they had fun! The sand was flying!
Belize was the sand flicker. She had it in her beard and mouth. What fun! Tomorrow I'll vacuum the RV. Today, it's gritty floors! LOL

The Chili Cookoff was really good! We sat with Larry and Joanie from Palm Bay. They travel extensively with their Class C. We spotted Sally & Tom from Ocala who joined us at our table. It was a great time! We caught up on news and heard about tomorrow's planned fun. 

At 8 o'clock, we headed home on the golf cart to walk the dogs and decided to stay in for the evening. Ta ta til the morrow. 

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