Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Good (early) morning! Ugh, I ate too much yesterday! And forgot to drink water last night ... so there's no time like the present ... Gulp gulp gulp. 

Well it is another beautiful day in Central Florida. Mark was under Da Mounty installing front shocks when I got up! He thought the front ones were a little tougher to put on, but got the job done in record time. I guess if you built elevators you can pretty much fix anything! One shock was on backorder. Mark phoned O'Reilly's and it was ready for pick up. So, we both went for the ride as I wanted to pop into Joann Fabrics. You see, I have a job of my own. I am making new curtains for the RV bedroom. Yes, the original ones are in perfect condition. But, I wanted to liven it up with a few new accessories. Too bad for Joann's but they moved things around and I couldn't find special order samples. Back home, I got online and found exactly what I had in mind. I don't want to change the fabric on the 3 Lambrequins so I chose a fabric with some taupe in it. It won't be here until March 24th. 

Back home, we watched yesterday's super Tuesday 3 results and saw Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both did exceptionally well. Our Florida Republican candidate, Marco Rubio, is now out of the race. Well, what did he expect with questionable "I used the wrong credit card" (6 times?) and his no-show during Senate votes.

This afternoon, we watched a little TV and brushed the doggies. Belize likes to get right up in our face while we're brushing her. LOL

We're getting a new store nearby! Panera Bread! It was Randy's favorite in South Florida. He used to buy bread bowls there and make up broccoli cheese soup; awesome.

The kids just had a big dog run and are now relaxing. That sounds like a good idea! Nashville is coming on, Ta ta for now. 

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