Monday, March 14, 2016

Pizza in Rome 3/14/16

Good morning. Well, the K's are living large and enjoying pizza and wine in Rome. (We had pizza cooked on our "Pizzazz" last night!) LOL. No, it's not the same. 
It looks good, Wayne. Is there "lotsa cheesa"? LOL. I love the gingham checked tablecloths. 

This morning, I reloaded the RV with clean laundry while Mark fixed a kitchen drawer slide. Today, it was very tough to back the beast into its port. Finally, we got it parked! Yay. Usually, we can get it in the first or second try, but today was just brutal. LOL. At most, there's 6 inches to spare; 3 inches on each side. When you consider backing 40 feet of beast in there, 3 inches isn't much.

Our friend Scott asked how long it takes to hook up our fifth wheel to the truck. I told him two minutes, and he said, everyone says two minutes but really, how long does it take? I timed it today, and it was one minute 32 seconds. Easy-peasy!

I'm reviewing and making changes to our household insurance policy. Good SAM suggested we might save $ by combining home, RV and cars. Well they did great covering our 3 vehicles and the RV, but I don't think the home insurance is do-able. We shall see. 

Here's a couple of hoot owls from the Suwannee Music Park. 
Hilarious! We nearly knocked the board over. 

In other news, it was Avery's 3rd birthday!
Here's our cutie (great) niece with her dog Roxy! We can't wait to visit her this summer! Muah. 

We 4 sat outside for happy hour and spotted Lew coming home with his "new" 2014 Nissan truck. We yelled to him and he came over for happy hour, several rounds. LOL. The Scotties love uncle Lew. Lynn arrived home half an hour later and came to join us. We caught up on neighborhood news and weekend events. We live in a great neighborhood. 

It's now 7 o'clock, and I hate to go inside as the weather is perfect. It's 78° low humidity and a breeze. Life is good. 

Problem, our friends Lew and Lynn just announced they are no longer doing their New Year's Eve party. Was wa waaa. Oh wait. We enjoyed having Les and Lynn and Randy and Dawn spend New Year's Eve with us! No problem, mate.

We had to laugh tonight. Belize found an old chew bone in the toy basket and decided to work on it. Of course that got Robbie interested! He hasn't worked on a Nyla bone for at least two years. Well subway tonight, it was fantastic. LOL For the past three hours, they have traded it off between them. Belize has given Robbie a new lease on life!  Sweet girl. 

Now, it's time to watch The Voice. Ta ta. 

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