Tuesday, March 1, 2016

RV Project Done - 3/2/16

Darn. I woke up too hot at 2 a.m. and crept to the kitchen for ice water. Both doggies were sound asleep in their beds. Ten minutes later, BeeZee discovered me up and jumped on my lap. Sweet girl. 

Good day! Yes, it's a front door open kind of day, again! Gotta love winter in Central Florida. Mark cooked bacon & eggs for us and an egg (to share) for Belize and Robbie. They've been eating well ... it's time to weigh the kids at our vet office. The new clipper arrived a couple of days ago for trimming dog faces. 
Today was "the" test. Mr. Squirmy, Robbie was totally relaxed for Mark! No more Mr. Bunny Ears! LOL. 

Bob and Jill arrived home safely to their Sadie who had been boarded for a month! She apparently had a great time and played well with the "big dogs".  
Jill was able to check the WebCam and see Sadie, a Hovawart, having a blast with her pals. I'm willing to bet that she was very happy to see her mom and dad come for her! It's time to get back to the woods and wolf patrol. Yes, really. 

This afternoon, I finished touching up the new RV bead board wall.
It's a little difficult to see it with the bright sunshine coming in through the open door but it looks nice; a metallic glow. 

Another RV project was to add a steel sheet behind the canvas. Now my Route 66 oil painting functions as a magnetic display board. 
Cool idea, eh? We'd gathered several mementos and ran out of display space. 

Tonight, it was dog playtime, brushing and walking. By 8:30 the kids were into chill mode. I hopped into the hot tub to relax a cranky back while Mark enjoyed a fishing show. 

Tomorrow morning we have a community garage sale and we have several "bigger" items to display. As Sue knows, I usually sell out due to give-away prices. LOL. Hey, we don't like to haul things back in. 

So that was our day. Sue, Wayne, Lynne & Les went for dinner at the Elks in Pompano Beach. The food and music is generally good there. 

Ta ta til tomorrow. 

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