Saturday, March 26, 2016

Bowling ... 3/26/16

Whaaaa! Where's the sun? There's rain north of us ... scattered afternoon showers ... and low 80's today. 

Lynne and Les had a slow drive north yesterday. Here's her report. 
Their drive looks better, weather wise, for today. Traffic might be heavier being Easter weekend. 

After lunch of avocados, tomatoes & sunflower seeds we headed out to run 3 errand stops plus bowl a few games. The 2nd game Mark bowled 187 ... but by the 3rd I actually won a game! Hey, it's rare, I'm allowed to boast. LOL
Too bad I flubbed the 10th frame. 

The Scotties had baths today and were feeling great. It was a crazy dog run around, through and under the dining room table. LOL. Tonight, it's brushing and tweaking their trims. 

We had happy hour on the front porch with a thunderstorm surrounding us. It was lovely ... finally, at 7 o'clock we had to move inside. We phoned Randy to tell him about the impending storm. He was totally unaware, as usual. Later, he called to say that they had nickel size hail and high wind with lots of rain.

Randy and Lorne golfed today, and they (and Dawn) are invited for Easter Sunday dinner tomorrow. It's the non-planning committee, so who knows what we'll have. LOL

So that's it for tonight. Ta ta til tomorrow. 

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