Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Boating, Mariachis & Bowling 3/23/16

Good morning! Lynne and I are up (4:30) ... Heartburn for Lynne ... Allergy cough for me. Fun, eh? That's okay, it's lovely and quiet at this time. (I went back to bed til 9:30!) 

We have some fun planned for this evening, but what to do today? At 10 we boated to downtown Eustis for breakfast at Magnolia's.
It was very good. (Lynn wasn't a fan of their decaf but otherwise, good.) Me, I thought the decaf was good but then I added cream! What's not to like with cream. LOL
We 4 plus Mrs R B in the background. Fun in the sun at 74F. 

On our drive home last night, Mark (aka Eagle-Eye) spied a rocket's red flare just as we turned into our neighborhood! (We'd just been discussing UFO's at RanDawn's!) It was an Atlas V Rocket launching Cygnus to the ISS. It was awesome to see!

This afternoon, Lynne and I went shopping to Hobby Lobby and Ross.  The guys relaxed in front of the Telly for 2 hours. 

At 4:30 we headed to ... 
for dinner. 

The Mariachi band was pretty good. We had them sing to Lynne. (She isn't used to celebrating her birthday more than "the" day.) LOL
Tight pants. Oo la lah. 

Makenna is visiting overnight with Dawn and Randy so was along for dinner and bowling. 
After Mexican food we went bowling for two games. Lorne hadn't bowled 10 pin before but caught on right away. It was crazy fun and $10 was paid in gutter balls for Lotto tickets. 

Now back home, we're watching The Voice before we fall into bed. Ta ta til tomorrow. 

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