Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Super Tuesday - 3/15/16

Good day! We had such fun on our RV weekend with Giant Recreation World that we've booked 3 nights at Disney's Fort Wilderness with a golf cart. Go big or go home, right? LOL

Thank you Roger for this nice pic of Bonnie and Cabby at the March show. 
I love Bonnie's contrasting outfit! It's a perfect backdrop for sweet boy Cabby. (Yes, I LOVE that wee boy!)

While I did the morning chores, Mark replaced Da Mounty's rear shocks. It didn't take anymore than an hour! (He surprised himself!) 

Then RanDawn phoned to invite us for supper ... and bring the Scotties. Nice! Meanwhile, Mark dropped me off for a much needed mani-pedi while he made 4 shopping stops. 

Hobby Lobby had everything I wanted ... a string or two of lights for the front porch, museum putty and 12' of rope lights for the RV plus a Route 66 hat for Mark. (I had a 49% off coupon!) Afterward, we took ourselves to Guadlajara for lunch ... with a 2 for 1 coupon! Awesome thrifty today, aren't we?

Sue and Wayne were in Palermo Sicily today and sent this picture. 
Dad was there during the war and developed a love for the people and food; especially the food. LOL

Speaking of food, Randy cooked 4 Kobe beef hamburgers on his barbecue. Many thanks to Bob and Jill; the first beef ever off Randy's barbecue. LOL. They were delicious. We teased him that the fat from the burgers got onto his chicken. LOL.  After supper, we played half a game of Mexican dominoes. Of course Robs got his barstool at the table, but Belize had to sit with either Mark or I. We don't trust her on a barstool yet. She's too fidgety. Belize certainly enjoyed the comforter on top of their leather sofa. She's a very good little visitor and gives everyone kisses! 
As you can see, the Mexican got pretty crazy-koo-koo! LOL. It was lots of fun! Randy was the big winner tonight followed by Mark and Scott. Dawn and I brought up the rear. Ha ha! 

At 10:30, we started out for home as Dawn works tomorrow. Ta ta. 

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