Saturday, March 12, 2016

Scavenger Hunt ... 3/12/16

Good morning. Yes, it's a bright beautiful sunshiny kind of day. We are still at the Suwanee Music Park near Live Oak, Florida!
Today's fun is breakfast with friends at 11, followed by a golf cart scavenger hunt at 1:30. 

At breakfast, we met Liz and Dexter who bought a Forest River, Salem tow behind.
They tried to rent a golf cart, but all were sold out. So we invited them to join us on the scavenger hunt. It'll be fun to have another couple with us. This is their first weekend with the new trailer! The "break-in" before RVing to Waco Texas and then Seattle Washington! Ambitious! LOL. 

We found the tree house ... 
It's really neat! 

This is our last find; the red white and blue painted tree. Hurrah! When we got back to Audreys, site 13, we expected cocktails, but were about an hour too late. Alas, we broke up and went home to walk the dogs but not before making a "bat" date. LOL
Going batty. LOL. I felt terrible as Robbie really wanted to sit on the seat. He is more trustworthy to sit on the floor quietly than I expect Bee would. 

At 6:30, we Took Belize and Robbie with us and headed over to pick up Liz and Dexter. We all went to see the bats at dusk. It was crazy, but as soon as we pulled up Belize started trembling. There were kids running all around waiting for the bats to come out. We weren't sure if it was the kids or perhaps the smell of the bats. Do bats have a smell? Regardless, she was trembling and trying to hide behind us. Cute girl!!! After that was done, we decided to take the doggies home and go for a drink at the music hall. We didn't realize auditions were on for the 2016 Suwanee Music Jam in late April. The entertainment was very good, and two of the contestants had been on "The Voice"! The only seats available were four barstools, perfect. We stayed a couple of hours, had wine and beer and watched the acts. At 10 o'clock, we snuck out and dropped Liz and Dexter at their RV. They told us they are hooked. They had a great weekend. We hope to see them as they don't live too far away from us. As we were leaving the bar, we saw Sally & Tom sitting at the barstools on the opposite side of the hall. 

Back at the RV, the doggies were very happy to see us. They have had a very busy few days.

Tomorrow, it's packing up and tidying up and driving home. Wha wa waaa. 

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