Friday, March 18, 2016


Good morning! The dogs and I were up by 5:30 and outside to 66F.  I watched Craig Ferguson's "Join or Die" fun history show, drank a DSO, then went back to bed til 8:30. Then, it was bright and sunny outside! Perfect. 

Mark opened our front door and let the doggies enjoy the porch. A few minutes later a neighbor came to our front porch with her dog to introduce them. Yikes! It was a bark-a-thon! Mark grabbed the water squirt bottle and doused everyone. LOL. Poor Nancy & Kachina! Robbie knows them; Belize doesn't. (Well they know each other now!) Aroooo. 

Today was chores, Mark cleaned the boathouse gutters while I cleaned the curio cabinets and dining room foo-fa-rah. (Too much stuff even after all the EBay sales last year!)

About 4 o'clock Randy and Dawn called to see what we have been doing. They had an electrician working this afternoon putting in electric for the hot tub. Dawn cleaned the house and washed floors. I offered to pop over with the Scotties so they could mop up too! Haha. We decided to meet at Guadalajara at 6:30 for supper. 

I just opened my email and saw some photos Jim sent of his finished lodge. It's spectacular! We can't wait to see it this June! I'll include a couple of pics ...

It's beautiful Jim. Enjoy!

Randy & Dawn arrived at the restaurant on the bike, complete with a big backpack for doggie bags. LOL. Hey, they were planning ahead; the meals are big. Tonight, they'll be soaking in the new hot tub! 

Sue and Wayne will be home late tomorrow ... it's their last night in Spain. Julius and Shorty will be so excited to see them! (Les & Lynne have been dog-sitting expertly; as always!)

So that's it for tonight. The dogs have been walked and brushed so it's TV time. Ta ta. 

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