Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Date Night Wednesday 3/30/16

Hello sunshine! It was a perfect day for airing the house out while I balanced the spa's water. The bromine float "unscrewed" (just a bit) and dosed the spa with too much bromine. It's an easy fix; run the jets with the bubbler on and open the sunroom sliders. Voila. Problem solved. It was also time to add 20 gallons of fresh water. Evaporation does happen! LOL. Now our dehumidifier is running in the sunroom and all is well. 

Tomorrow is game day, here. The ladies enjoy sitting in the sunroom to play Rummikube, Mexican Dominoes and 10,000. My job is to make certain we don't run out of wine, chips, cheese and crackers and chocolates. It sounds fun, eh? It'll be so noisy you won't know the music is on! LOL

Our little spare fridge crapped out this spring. It was Sue and Wayne's (hand me down) wine cooler. Now we're in the market for a second refrigerator for the sunroom bar area. We looked online at mini refrigerators but find they have flimsy wire racks on the door. I hate that. So, now the question is ... should we invest in a larger fridge/freezer and make room for it by selling my flip top computer desk. You see, the computer was long ago donated and that nice desk serves as paper storage. Once a year I sort tax information there which I could certainly do at the dining room table. Decision time. 

Mark left for Home Depot while I Swiffered the tile floors. Maybe he will check out refrigerators while he's there. We also need a new guest room fan. The current fan is a good quality Hunter. However, it is stuck on high-speed. Hunter sent us a new rheostat which Mark installed but it did not fix the problem. Their fans come with a lifetime warranty, but it's a hassle when they don't  know what the problem is! Maybe we need to make another phone call to them. If they can't fix it, perhaps they will replace it? 

Well, it's Wednesday date night and Mark suggested bowling. Super! Randy will join us and meet Dawn later for dinner. 
THIS game was good for me ... then I fell apart in the next two! It was a fun time ... lots of family bowling tonight; kids running all over. LOL. Mark had 4 strikes in a row and I was late taking his picture!
Randy's first game was his best but no turkey! Mark and I headed home for the dogs and Randy went to meet Dawn at Tiki West for shrimp. That's it for tonight. Ta ta. 

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